Video memories

Video memories

Manchester Utd v Derby County FA Cup semi-final 1947-8

Derby County v Tottenham Hotspur – Division 1, 20 January 1991

Derby v Grimsby October 1934 (3.00)

Football match being played at the Baseball Ground between Derby County and Grimsby resulting in a 4-1 win for Grimsby. Match played 13 October 1934.

Derby County v Leicester City 1939 (2.00)

Division one league football match being played at the Baseball Ground between Derby County and Leicester City resulting in a 1-1 draw.

Midlands News: 29.06.1962: New manager for Derby County (0.40)

Tim Ward walking into the Baseball Ground and meeting players and staff.

ATV Today: 17.01.1968: Derby County and Brian Clough (3.59)

The report starts with Clough lecturing a group of players. Simon Smith interviews Clough alone about their next match which is a League Cup fixture against Leeds United. He talks about the team’s current form, a recent break they’ve had from training “the way we’re playing I don’t want to see an awful lot of them”. During the interviews there are cut-aways to the dressing room where we see players Reg Matthews, Kevin Hector, Richie Barker, Alan Durban and Clough’s assistant Peter Taylor.

ATV Today: 16.10.1968: Derby County Football Club (3.43)

Simon Smith interviews separately Brian Clough and Dave Mackay on the Derby County training ground. We also see a shot of the team training. Clough who is described as the youngest manager in the league (Division Two) names Roy McFarland as the best centre half in Britain and talks about his recent signing of Mackay.

ATV Today: 30.10.1968: Derby County Training (0.33)

Football players training on pitch including Roy McFarland showing off his ball juggling skills.

Midlands News: 21.04.1969: Demolition of Baseball Ground Stand (0.24)

Workmen removing the roof from the ‘pop side’ stand (popular side) at the Baseball Ground.

Derby County FC Field Day 1969 (3.52)

Home movie shot in the 1969. Includes Derby County football team on bus parade through Derbyshire following their victory in the division two championship. There are shots of a woman making a speech and various stalls, games and races. We then see a football match (one team of women and the other men dressed as women). There are then shots of tug of war matches. Next we see shots of Derby County football club coaches travelling through Kniveton village. The film ends with two women walking on a beach.

ATV Today: 19.02.1971: Colin Todd at Derby County (3.04)

Brian Clough says that he sees ability, class and progress and adds that he first spotted Todd when he was a player with Sunderland and Todd was in the youth side. Jeff Farmer suggests that Todd may be a possible captain for England in the 1974 World Cup but Clough says that “he’s got to get in our side first” and adds that he’s “not good enough to displace Dave Mackay”.

ATV Today: 09.05.1972: Derby County Win Football League Championship (1.25)

We see staff on the pitch at the Baseball Ground toasting the success of Derby County football team winning the League Championship (Chairman Sam Longson is visible wearing a hat). Hugh Owens then asks people on Victoria Street in Derby what they think about the news (including a group of disgruntled Leeds United fans).

ATV Today: 21.04.1972: Brian Clough Interview – Championship Hopes (4.06)

Gary Newbon talks to Brian Clough with two games to go before the end of the season. Derby are currently top of Division One but have difficult fixtures against Manchester City and Liverpool coming up. Clough comments on the team doing well despite only having twelve squad members and also praises other Midlands football managers.

ATV Today: 18.05.1972: Derby County Football Team (0.26)

We see the Derby players on an open top bus holding the league championship trophy aloft, the players and manager Brian Clough waving to crowds of fans and standing on the steps of the Council House in Derby.

ATV Today: 21.07.1972: Interview with Brian Clough, Derby County Manager (5.39)

Gary Newbon interviews Brian Clough who is standing on the pitch at the Baseball Ground. He describes how the players get tired because they play too many games, talks about his views of referees and their plans to improve discipline, gives his views on book makers and the odds for Derby retaining the championship and predicts a bright future for young player Steve Powell.

ATV Today: 30.01.1973: Brian Clough Interview – Leeds Dispute (2.40)

Trevor East interviews Brian Clough at the Baseball Ground. He is alleged to have insulted the Leeds United player Peter Lorimer during a speech he gave in the player’s honour in Leeds. The speech was filmed by Yorkshire Television although they have not screened it. Clough suggests that the problems arose because Leeds have not forgiven Derby for winning the League Championship and he jokes that “they are men in Leeds aren’t they?”

ATV Today: 02.04.1973: Interview with Brian Clough (4.08)

Gary Newbon interview with Brian Clough, Derby County football manager, about the team’s away fixture against Juventus in the semi-final of the European Cup.

ATV Today: 16.10.1973: Brian Clough resigns as Derby County Manager (4.20)

Outside the Baseball Ground Gary Newbon talks to Brian Clough and Peter Taylor about their reasons for resigning. Clough says that “there is not enough time, not enough film and a million reasons”. Taylor says that football is the only job he can do, Clough reveals that the chairman Sam Longson put the phone down on him and confirms that neither of them attended a recent board meeting. Inside Sam Longson reads a statement about the departure and later when interviewed mentions “accusations made in the Daily Mail”. Inside a crowded room Clough is again interviewed but cuts the questions off.

ATV Today: 17.10.1973: Brian Clough resignation – Vox Pops (1.34)

Yesterday Brian Clough resigned as manager of Derby County football Club. Trevor East conducts vox pops in Derby about the news.

ATV Today: 10.05.1977: Football Vandals Attack Houses (0.20)

Football vandals attack nearby houses and property after the Kevin Hector Testimonial match at the Derby County Baseball ground.

ATV Today: 13.01.1978: Football – interview with Tommy Docherty (1.23)

Gary Newbon interview with Tommy Docherty, Manager of Derby County, re their forthcoming match against Clough’s Nottingham Forest. Also discussing Brian Clough’s success with the Nottingham team.

ATV Today: 17.02.1978: Football – Charlie George and Tommy Docherty (3.55)

At the Baseball Ground Gary Newbon talks to Charlie George and Tommy Docherty. They talk about George’s rebellious personality, his refusal to play for the England B team and their prospects against West Bromwich Albion in the FA Cup. They refer to the abilities of West Brom player Cyrille Regis and also talk about Walsall’s chances against George’s old club, Arsenal.

ATV Today: 20.07.1979: Derby County Football Club (3.30)

Terry Lloyd interview with George Hardy about the events which led to his dismissal and press conference at which he referred to the possibility that its timing might lead to his connection with the current fraud investigation. Also interview with the newly appointed Chairman, Richard Moore who was grateful for Hardy’s efforts and wouldn’t comment on the events that took place at today’s board meeting. Exterior shot of the Baseball Ground. Views of photocall for the team in progress when the decision was announced including shots of George Hardy chatting to Sam Longson and Moore sitting with the team.

Clough – The Brian Clough Story (2009)

2009 marks the 30th anniversary of Nottingham Forest’s first European Cup triumph, masterminded by Brian Clough. A provincial football club broke and slipping towards Football League Division Three when he took charge, had conquered England and Europe inside three years. He achieved many great things with the clubs he managed, most notably Derby County and Nottingham Forest which would be considered impossible and unthinkable now. Clough would probably disagree but he was more than just a football manager.