Other memorabilia

Other memorabilia

1971/72 & 1974/75 Championship and 1968/69 promotion season memorabilia

White mug commemorating the 1968/69 Second Division title winning season £59.99 (eBay, 2016), £69.56 (eBay, 2019)

Derby County 1968-69 Second Division champions tray (some damage) £21.97 (eBay, 2016)

China plate ‘The Champions 1968/69 The Glory Days’ with player portraits £22, £40 (eBay, 2019)

Limited edition silver goblet to commemorate winning the Football League Championship in 1971/72, number 55 of 300 produced by The Barker Ellis Silver Co (Birmingham) in pristine condition with original certificate of origin signed by Stuart Webb and a velvet and silk presentation case. £300 (best offer accepted) (eBay, 2017), goblet number 299, £195 (eBay, 2017)

League Champions 1971/72 limited edition china plate, £102 (eBay, 2015), £155 (eBay, 2023)

League Champions 1971/72 mug made by Portmeirion Pottery, Stoke on Trent numbered 453, £35 (eBay, 2015)

League Champions 1971/72 black tankard limited edition (‘Portmeirion Pottery’ no 1714 on base) £14.99 (eBay, 2019)

League Champions 1971/1972 blue commemorative mug by Portmeirion Pottery £48 (eBay, 2016)

League Champions 1972 reception and dance menu with braiding £52.84 (eBay, 2018), £80 creased but with 10 autographs (Hansons Auctioneers May 2019)

Leather football autographed by the 1972 First Division winning team £150 (eBay, 2017)

Derby County tie worn during the 1971/72 season formerly belonging to John McGovern £81 (John Pye Auctions, Dec 2017)

Autographed programme, signed by 16 players and coaching staff, for a Reception and Dance given by the Mayor of Derby and the Major and Borough Council to celebrate winning the 1975 First Division League Championship on Thursday 8 May at the Pennine Hotel. £82 (eBay, 2018), £50 – 11 autographs (Hansons Auctioneers May 2019)

1971/1972 dinner menu to celebrate winning the First Division Championship (Pennine Hotel, 14 July 1972) £34 (eBay, 2022), £35 (eBay, 2023)

Autographed programme for the Reception and Dance held by the Derbyshire County Council at the County offices on Friday 16 May 1975. Signed by 16 players and staff including Sam Longson, Dave Mackay, Gordon Guthrie, Stuart Webb and Des Anderson. £41 (eBay, 2018)

Championship Celebration Dinner menu 1974/75 (shaped like a football, ‘Derby County’ on front) £46 (eBay, 2020)

Baseball Ground memorabilia

Baseball Ground turf from 1 May 1975, part of 10,000 encapsulated samples of the pitch. A filled disc of earth (1 cm depth) displayed on a printed sheet mounted on a hard board measuring 21.5x 14.5cm. £56 (eBay, 2016), £19, £18 (eBay, 2019), £25, £65 (eBay, 2020), £65, £44, £30 (eBay, 2021), £20, £14, £36, £39.99 (several sales) (eBay, 2022), £26, £39.99, £39.99, £30 (eBay, 2023)

Baseball Ground turnstile and certificate of authenticity £92 (eBay, 2014), Baseball Ground blue turnstile (needing attention but in working order) £330 (eBay, 2017)


Baines gold medal football cards shield featuring Steve Bloomer issued early 1900 £576.10 (eBay, 2018)

Football card collection of over 1000 cards including Baines Shield, Ogdens Large and Small, Pinnace, Cohen, Weenan, Smiths, Clarkes, Gallaher, Copes, Comptons Islanders Fags, Pattreiouex, Laceys, Champion, Hills and Sinclair. Stored in collectors’ wallets and folders. £820 (Stacey’s Auctioneers and Valuers, 25 April 2016)

Steve Bloomer postcard from late 1800s (‘S. Bloomer copyright / ‘Treble Derby’ written on front) £110, £360 (eBay, 2020)

Steve Bloomer Ogden’s cigarette card 1900 £457 (eBay, 2021)

Steve Bloomer postcard late 1890s (‘The Wrench Series No 2193’ on reverse) £646 (eBay, 2020)

Steve Bloomer Derby County ‘Herriot’ Series postcard by W.C.S+Co pre 1907, caricature image of Bloomer £237 (eBay, 2020)

Steve Bloomer postcard – 14 head and shoulder pictures of footballers featured on front, Bloomer in centre £227 (eBay, 2020)

Steve Bloomer in England shirt/cap 1907 likely to be from the Scotland game on 6th April, Bloomer’s last game for England and his 23rd cap £564.44 (eBay, 2020)

Steve Bloomer postcard around 1905, Bloomer in centre wearing England cap and shirt, 21 caps surrounding the image text at bottom reads ‘England’s greatest international football player and record cap holder’ then a list of caps won against Scotland, Wales and Ireland £312 (eBay, 2020)

Other memorabilia

The Derby County Football Book by George Edwards (1970) signed by Clough, Taylor, Gordon + 16 of 1969/70 squad, owned by Gerald Mortimer. £265.58 (eBay, 2018)

Directors’ minutes book from 1888, the year the Football League was formed £4000 (Hansons Auctioneers, August 2018)

Letter signed by Derby County players, dated 25 October 1973, requesting the reinstatement of Brian Clough and Peter Taylor as managers £4,000 (Hansons Auctioneers, August 2018)

Letter from former club chairman Sam Longson in reply to Derby County players £4,000 (Hansons Auctioneers, August 2018)

1934 Jubilee supper menu commemorating 50 years of Derby County 1884-1934 on 1 October 1934 – signed by over 30 players and staff with entry ticket £460 (Hansons Auctioneers, November 2017); signed by 8 players including Steve Bloomer £400 (Hansons Auctioneers, August 2018)

1977 Paderborn Tournament featuring Derby Wolfsburg, Malmo and Southampton – original poster-sized double-sided match programme measuring 600mm x 420mm, £155 (good condition other than two small pin holes) (eBay, 2014)

Small card mourning Derby’s FA Cup loss to Portsmouth in the 1948/49 season. 4.5 inches x 3 inches and read ‘In loving memory of the Rams whose cup hopes vanished at Portsmouth on Saturday, Feb 26th, 1949. No rosettes by request’. £135 (eBay, 2014)

Derby County in Europe pennants: Real Madrid silk pennant with aluminium hanger, and PVC pennants from matches against Spartak Trnava (7 March 1973), Juventus (11 April 1973), Servette Geneva (2 October 1974), Atletico Madrid (6 November 1974), Real Madrid (5 November 1975) and AEK Athens (20 October 1976). Also Juventus 1971/72 stadium seat cushion, a programme from the European Cup game at Real Madrid and a Derby County Anglo Italian Cup Final rosette – £72 (eBay, 2015)

Subbuteo set described as ‘Derby County version with double trim on collar cuffs and socks, with black shorts and white double trim’. £223 (eBay, 2016)

Rammy bank money box to celebrate winning Division Two championship in 1969 formerly belonging to John McGovern £210 (John Pye Auctions, Dec 2017)

Rammy bank money box ‘Second Division Champions Season 1968/9’ £77 (eBay, 2019), £70.79 (eBay, 2020)

Rammy bank money box from the late 1960s, with the club logo on one side and text reading ‘For my season ticket, up the Rams’. £36.08 (eBay, 2016), £57 (eBay, 2019), £123 (eBay, 2022)

Rammy bank money box 1971/72 with a ‘number of hair line cracks’ £50 (eBay, 2016)

Rammy bank money box, light blue with the Derby County logo on its side £32, £32.79 (eBay, 2018)

Rammy bank money box (B Booth Derby, 2000) £27 (eBay, 2019)

George Jobey’s photograph album covering Derby County’s visit to Nazi Germany in 1933. The 60 photos included match action in Germany, spectators and crowd at the match, a boat trip across to Germany, training, hotel and rural scenes, hotel dinner scenes and a photo of the commemorative plaque given to Derby County by their German hosts. £240 (Hansons Auctioneers, October 2016)

Britannia metal cigarette box, to “G Jobey” presented by Göteborgs £340 (Hansons Auctioneers May 2019)

European Cup ornament with Ram headpiece and UEFA design to celebrate Derby’s European Cup campaign in 1972/73. Engraved with teams Spartak Trnava, Sarajevo, Benfica and Juventus £921 (John Pye Auctions, Dec 2017)

Tankard to celebrate Derby County winning the Watney Cup in 1970/71 formerly belonging to John McGovern £140 (John Pye Auctions, Dec 2017)

Tankard to celebrate winning the Daily Express national 5-a-side tournament at The Wembley Pool in 1973 formerly belonging to John McGovern £80 (John Pye Auctions, Dec 2017)

Brian Clough’s Manager of the Month certificate for September 1969. Written on the reverse was ‘Given to me when I was his secretary’ and signed by Sandra Poulton. £90.99 (eBay, 2018)

Unworn size 8 tan leather football boots endorsed by Steve Bloomer, made in around 1914 and feature embossed portraits of Bloomer on the soles along with the slogans “Steve Bloomer’s lucky goalscorer – the boot that never fails to score. Yours truly, Steve Bloomer.” £1150 (Graham Budd Auctions, May 2014), £195 (eBay, 2019) (likely to be same type of boots although images/description did not make this clear), £750 (Hansons Auctioneers, Dec 2020), £850 (Hansons, Dec 2021), £520 – only ‘Steve Bloomer’ on the soles (Hansons, 2023)

Christmas card 1954 £9.99 (eBay, 2019)

Christmas card 1969 from Chairman and All Staff £16 (eBay, 2019)

Christmas card 1976 £10.58 (eBay, 2019)

Christmas card 1977 £15.05 (eBay, 2019)

Christmas card 1978 £4.19 (eBay, 2019)

Christmas card 1979 signed by Colin Addison and John Newman £7.70 (eBay, 2019)

Roy McFarland testimonial dinner menu, signed by various ex-Derby County players £52 (Hansons Auctioneers May 2019)